Hotarâri CA

March 9, 2022
CA an scolar 2021-2022
h422 h421 h420 h419 h418 h417 h416 h415 h414 h413 h412 h411 h410 h409 h408 h407 h406 h405 h404 h403 h402 h401 h400 h399 h398 h397 […]
March 4, 2022
CA an scolar 2020-2021
h117 h118 h119 h120 h121 h122 h123 h124 h125 h126 h127 h128 h129 h130 h131 h132 h133 h134 h135 h136 h137 h138 h139 h140 h141 h142 […]
February 21, 2022
CA an scolar 2019-2020
h97 h98 h99 h100 h101 h102 h103 h104 h105 h106 h107 h108 h109 h110 h111 h112 h113 h114 h115 h116
February 21, 2022
CA an scolar 2018-2019
h68 h69 h70 h71 h72 h73 h74 h75 h76 h77 h78 h79 h80 h81 h82 h83 h84 h85 h86 h87 h88 h89 h90 h91 h92 h93 […]
CA an scolar 2021-2022
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